Essential Things on Shipping a Car

Most of the car transportation service companies are usually equipped with a super-large ship, which is special loaded by four-wheeled vehicles. For those of you who plan to go out of town for a long time and want to take your car with you, here are some essential tips:




Wash your car first and take photos on each side of the car

Check the entire car, ranging from exterior to the interior premises thoroughly. Photos of every part you consider important, regardless of pre-existing car parts or not. It is useful for flight claims to the insurance company when you experience an undesirable event during the car sending process. The insurance company is prepared to replace any damages caused by the travel event, based on the claim and application of the appropriate insurance premium.

Check the condition of your car engine

Safe and ready to be ridden during loading and unloading process in Roro ship. Check also the condition of battery, gearbox, engine oil, legs, and electricity. If you find that something goes wrong, please inform the shipping company’s department about the condition, so that the company can enter and minimize conditions that cannot happen. Sometimes in the process of loading and unloading the ship, your car must work extra hard.

We recommend that the car alarm position is disabled

This is to overcome the battery condition to run properly. Sometimes because the vibrations of the ship can alarm the car alarm sounds. You can what will be missed this alarm keeps ringing during the delivery process takes place.

Choose appropriate insurance company

Before leaving, get complete information about the insurance premium you get. Do not let you choose a cheap facility but not as much as you want. Choose a premium feature that suits your type of vehicle, select what hazards will occur during the delivery of the car. That way you will feel calm and the car also survived to the destination.