This is how to drive a good and right Matic car

Matic car is now increasingly popular among the community, its simpler and easier operation is the main attraction for the community. But for those of you who are accustomed to driving a manual car will definitely be confused about how to drive a car matic. Because on the side of the pedal the car has only two pedals, while the manual transmission uses three pedals.
Although in fact there are many people, especially urban communities who prefer to drive matic cars because they are considered easier to use for traffic jams. Unlike the manual car, the car has a very different lever. Before driving a matic car, let’s know the lever function first.

• P (park / parking): The P lever is used when the car is parked or stops. Therefore, make sure the leveling lever is in the P position when the car is in a stop state.
• R (return / backward): This lever is used when the car will run backwards, for example when going to park a car that allows the car to reverse. Before the car goes backwards, patikan the lever position is in the R position.
• N (neutral / neutral): N lever will be needed when on a traffic jam. To move the lever in position N should be assisted with a hand brake so that the vehicle can actually stop.
• D (drive / forward path): The drive lever itself consists of D1, D2 and D3. Each type of lever position D has its own functions, including D2 and D1 which are used for low and medium and D3 for medium to upper speeds.
• L (Low): The position of lever L is the lowest transmission position. The position of the lever is usually used when the car passes a steep incline or derivative.
After knowing the functions of each of these levers, here are some tips on how to drive a right-hand car.

1. How to turn on the engine
When you want to start the engine with a matic transmission, make sure that the car lever is in position P. This indicates that the car is parked or stopped. Please note, that a car engine that uses a new transmission can be switched on when the lever position is in the P or N (neutral) position.

2. Use of brakes and gas
When going to start the car, make sure first that the brakes have also been pressed. If you want to shift the lever from the position of P to R or N to D, you should press the brake slightly in the shifting lever. This is useful to avoid friction between components so that the wear of the machine can be neutralized.

3. Start the car
Make sure the lever is in the D (Drive) position if it will go forward or position (Return) if the car will run backwards. useful for walking forward while the lever is in the R (backward) position. If you first learn to
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Facts and Myths about Engine Oil

Many myths about the wrong engine oil that has been trusted by many people as a fact, this is caused by a wrong understanding of product information about engine oil.

The development of machine technology has been very rapidly developing, which used to be suitable for the machines of antiquity. It is not necessarily applicable to modern machines.

Here are some facts and myths about engine oil

Myth 1
Not allowed to use mineral oil that has Paraffin content. Paraffin is the same as wax.

Many people consider paraffin or wax contained in the oil will form a layer on the engine components and create mud.

Paraffin is one of the ingredients in crude oil that is used as an ingredient in making engine oil.

Many high quality engine oils use this material as a base material.

Paraffin or wax in crude oil is separated during the crude oil refining process and is one of the premium products sold by oil companies.

Engine oil that thickens like mud in the engine is not caused by the wax content in the engine oil.

The main factor causing oil thickening is because engine oil is contaminated by carbon due to the combustion process inside the engine.

The basic properties of oil contain detergent which will absorb dirt from the engine room and if the engine oil is used for too long the engine oil becomes saturated and thickens like mud.

Myth No. 2
Inserting ATF oil into the engine a few moments before changing the engine oil will clean the engine, the reason is that the detergent content in ATF will clean the sludge in the engine.

ATF oil does not contain detergent chemicals as it is found in engine oil which is designed to withstand the conditions of a dirty combustion chamber.

ATF oil will not be able to eradicate the sludge that is attached to the engine, instead it is feared that if the sludge is released it can clog the oil channels in the oil filter and oil pump which will cause severe damage to the engine.

Myth No. 3
The use of synthetic oil causes oil to easily thicken and become sludge.

Mud sediment is not caused by the use of synthetic oil, but more on oil that is too saturated due to too long use.

The occurrence of sludge can be prevented by using engine oil in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer and oil change at a predetermined time and ensure the crankcase ventilation duct (PCV) is functioning properly.

Myth No. 4
The car lubrication system must be drained if replacing mineral oil to synthetic oil or vice versa.

Synthetic mineral and oil oils can be exchanged.
There are even some oils that use a mixture of mineral oil and synthetic oil.

So there is no strong reason to drain the entire lubrication system when changing oil types.

Myth No. 5
Synthetic oil will cause leaks if used on old machines.Read More

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PERIOD Automotive Spare Components

automotive and spare partsSIO is a German firm, manufacturing prime quality spare components for vehicles and light-weight commercial vehicles of all main international manufacturers. Each automotive that we provide comes with a full warranty, and our experts stand behind our auto spare elements to one hundred{397d03b48233cbb13b2d3db47abe380bf823280369b3c10e70988e7ef71bb121}. PERIOD is a historic Italian company based in Moncalieri, Turin, and is specialized in the distribution of electrical and electronic spare elements.

It is extremely clear that purchasing automobile or truck parts on-line is straightforward, effective and value aggressive. The diversified vary of used mechanical and physique parts of vehicles and engines has introduced this enterprise parallel to real and non-genuine new spare parts businesses because it gives big choice at affordable costs. A single solution for intralogistics and transport: Know where your vehicles are always, simply calculate the best possible route for every particular person tour, and monitor the transport status online. Our companions and provides are such automotive components makers, as Bosch, Beru, Sachs, Luk, Hella, Valeo, Febi Bilstein, TRW, Ate, Okay&N, Metzger, and many others.

The scope of this exception turns out to be relatively restricted as component elements that are not visible while regular use or elements which are solely dictated by technical operate are in any occasion already excluded from Neighborhood design safety (Articles four(2) and eight(1) CDR).

Right now with the precise words typed into the search engine, yow will discover many various websites catering to your auto components wants. Buying auto elements or truck elements on-line is unquestionably a good way to overcome purchasing problems.

We are dedicated to repeatedly educate our devoted team of specialists on current automotive developments and provide our clients with authentic merchandise and support. To keep your car in perfect condition, purchase Bike as well as Car components and spares on-line at Snapdeal at reasonable costs. Each the marketplace for original automotive components (OEM, Original Tools Producer) and the free spare elements market (IAM, Independent Aftermarket) are affected by product counterfeiting and grey market buying and selling.… Read More

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Purchase Auto Components & Spares Parts Online At Best Costs In India On Snapdeal

automotive and spare partsThis paper presents outcomes of a large-scale simulation examine on spare components demand forecasting and inventory management to select best policies within each SKU category. We’re committed to continually educate our dedicated staff of consultants on present automotive trends and provide our purchasers with genuine products and assist. To maintain your car in good situation, purchase Bike in addition to Automobile parts and spares on-line at Snapdeal at reasonable prices. Each the marketplace for unique automotive elements (OEM, Unique Gear Manufacturer) and the free spare components market (IAM, Unbiased Aftermarket) are affected by product counterfeiting and gray market trading.

To raised serve our shoppers and supply them with a greater vary of merchandise, A-MAP specializes within the complete vary of batteries, tyres, lubricants, suspension and brake components of high-quality Japanese and Korean made vehicles. Within the scope of the regulation No.5746 on the Help of Research, Development and Design Actions, SIO Automotive was accredited by the Ministry of Science, Trade and Know-how because the 707th R&D Heart of Turkey on 17.eleven.2017. Fapco can warehouse, decide and pack product, small bundle or LTL, after which handle elements distribution direct to your servicing vendor community or direct to the top shopper. You probably have spare elements at hand, you may even maintain certain repair and maintenance work in your personal storage.

Your order might be delivered much faster on account of a variety of car spare components. Our professional Spare Components Team can give you a quote for the exact components you want for your Japanese or foreign make automotive. As a result, the enterprise of second-hand spare parts has developed right into a full-fledged multi-million dollar industry involving greater than a hundred small and medium-sized enterprises unfold throughout the country. On this respect, the producer of the spare components carries the burden of proof.

We offer our prospects with excellent auto spare parts, exemplary providers and values of international standards by well educated automotive consultants and empowered workers. We offer full service selecting and packing and spare components distribution, from a single bolt or nut as much as complete frames and physique panels shipped same day.… Read More

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Auto Parts & Automotive Spare Components Producers India

automotive and spare partsThis is the sixth and remaining blog publish that examines how the Automotive business will be impacted by Blockchain. If you are in search of a trade supply of automotive spare parts you possibly can belief, get in touch with our group at the moment or start an account for superb prices and picks. You’ll be able to browse the vary of all of the parts and spares obtainable and choose the product that suits your requirements. Make certain that on the positioning you purchase essentially the most qualitative automobile parts of well-known car parts makers. Huge growth in the sale of CVs has prompted several local and international spare components logistics distributors to expand their market presence within the automotive sector. As ‘should fit’ and ‘should match’ spare components are – under sure situations – excluded from design safety, the extent to which spare automotive elements are protected by design rights has been considerably limited.

Your order will probably be delivered a lot faster because of a variety of automotive spare elements. Our professional Spare Parts Team can give you a quote for the exact elements you want in your Japanese or foreign make automotive. As a result, the business of second-hand spare components has developed into a full-fledged multi-million dollar trade involving greater than a hundred small and medium-sized enterprises unfold throughout the country. On this respect, the producer of the spare parts carries the burden of proof.

For manufacturers, there’s additionally the loss of picture which arises when the poor quality spare components are mistaken for originals. The spare components business has become extra strategically essential and can change into one of many key areas for future competition. Most of the second-hand spare elements are sourced from broken cars bought by insurance firms at throwaway costs and the rest coming from police auctions. Spares and parts in your autos are requirements that one should have at hand.

We have now a big portfolio of the world’s most successful manufacturers including VARTA, ACDelco, Optima and Exide, that cowl heavy-responsibility truck, agricultural and marine applications, new applied sciences for hybrid automobiles and excessive volt automotive purposes, and motive-power functions together with lift trucks, mining and other industrial automobiles.

On account of this battle, the overall principle that spare components are eligible for design right safety is restricted to some extent by the statutory exceptions for ‘should match’ and ‘should match’ designs. Authentic spare elements in required quantity are also equipped to service facilities of car manufacturer for guarantee service and upkeep.… Read More

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